What is your notebook’s label?

This is the script of a video, which was produced by two friends & me in order to compete in Rainbow Mic Contest for raising awareness of LGBT’s rights & abuses in campus. The video was highly appreciated for its creativity, as a result, we won the Creative Prize then. I was in charge of the script and made it by dividing into several different scenes. However, to make it easier for you to follow, this script below is written as a description/an illustration of the video. Enjoy!

I still remember clearly the joy of going to bookstore with my parents to buy study supplement before every semester when I was a child. Bookstore is extremely spacey & colorful then while I was such a little girl. There were so many things there from textbooks, notebooks to pens, rulers,… Everything is considerably attractive. Do you remember various notebooks with different patterns on the cover? Which do you prefer: animals, foods or animation characters?

It was recently that I was so surprised by the joy I used to have. For the first time I realized the label that we are, adults, giving on our children, that students, our children, are giving on their friends, for their sexes. That is the story of Rainbow.

The first scene started in a bookstore, where Rainbow were shopping with his parents. It was fine until he became confused in front of notebooks, which labelled “Boy” & “Girl”. The “Boy” is in blue with the picture of a bike, a ball & games; while by contrast, the “Girl” has pink color with a doll, dresses, & lollipops. He want the latter but he decided to take the “Boy”, as he is a “boy”.

The next scene is when he went to school with the “Boy” notebook. It was in the class that his friend began making fun of him by throwing papers & trashes to annoy him. Not only that, they even doodled on his notebook while he is writing. They knew that Rainbow was different and Rainbow endured every joke.

The peak of the scene is when a student came and teared the cover apart. Rainbow shed his tears on the torn cover. Why did he have to suffer this? Because he was different? But he tried to fit in, to be “like” others? Why did he still go through all these hardships? Feeling indignant & hating himself, Rainbow crumpled the paper up and threw it away.

Notebooks are metaphors for our sexes. We label them into only 2 typical types – boy & girl. On one hand, we force ourselves to fit in our labels. We struggle to become someone we are not just to fall in line with others. Finally, we end up hating and denying our true identities. On the other hand, we are abused if we choose to be different. There is no help or sympathy. Labeling becomes a game and making one suffer their label is a source of fun to a group of people. The way that notebook fell down is to demonstrate how Rainbow got hurt on the outside and broke himself inside after a period of tolerating.

So what is the solution? It is hands. Only by giving hands can family, friends and teachers together improve the situation. Firstly, friends should have been there to stop wrong actions and correct them. Classmate should be those sharing laughs & cherishing moments instead of isolating each other. Secondly, teachers should be a guidance setting good example and a protector to their students. There was no teacher appearing when things happened to Rainbow. Lastly, family plays a significant role in respecting & securing their children. With all these helpful hands, one can become mentally strong to live the life that he born to be.

In the next scene, it was the friends that help to repair Rainbow’s notebook & keep him as a company. Moreover, the ending came when it was back in time & his mother, after Rainbow’s leaving with the “Boy” notebook, took the “Girl” one and put it in his backpack.

In conclusion, a hurt can be healed but it is better to have it right by setting a strong immune system from the first place. And, the moral of the story is that: There is still unfairness in the fairest place. For your friend, for your family, be fair!



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