All about Ruby

As the title expressed, this article will provide detailed basis information; personal interests, hobbies and also demonstrate briefly the author’s characteristics & strengths. By reading this, you can feel attracted to get to know more about Ruby. Enjoy it!

  1. Basis Information


  • Name: Hong Ngoc Nguyen or Ruby Nguyen
  • Gender: Famale
  • D.O.B: 14th December 1996
  • Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam


  1. Interests & Hobbies
  • Interests:

In research, I am strongly attracted by subjects related to Strategies; Innovation and Psychology. I find these subjects really informative, realistic and creative at the same time.

Meanwhile, I am keen on doing research or taking part in activities on helping Minorities; defending Conventional Values; or developing National Brand. I considerably want to apply all theories & knowledge that I studied into practice to support for these aims.

  • Hobbies:

In my spare time, I would like to spend time on dancing or cycling. I am extremely fond of working out, getting sweat since I find it really useful to relieve stress after hours of work.

 Another hobby is traveling & exploring new things or places. It is also a good idea to visiting museums, art galleries,… to have more inspiration for work. You also can see a category of “event reports” since going to events is counted by myself as a way of travelling in close distant either.


  1. Characteristics, Traits & Strengths

The illustration below is based on grounded results of MBTI Test and surveys. The MBTI was carried out times in a long period of time with similar results. The surveys were carried on close-knit friends and teammates who I had known and worked with for at least more than 2 years. Therefore, the neutrality is achieved.

  • Characteristics

The most remarkable characteristic is broad-minded and free-spirited.  I am also respectful of other people’s opinions. Therefore, I am always ready to listen to others and sympathize easily by putting myself in their positions. However, I still keep my points of view and have strong faith to give my opinions or ideas sincerely. As a result of my easiness to sympathize, I am quite emotional and impacted considerably by my mood, which encourage me to write a lot.

  • Traits

Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO of, once had said that: “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. Therefore, to describe one’s traits, it should be people around him to do so. Furthermore, if characteristics are related to daily relationship then these traits will show up at work and through leading style also.

By searching and summarizing, I come up a list of different characteristics at work. The result is close to what I describe about myself. For the first three characters, they are Ambitious; Imaginative and Responsible. The next three characteristics having the same score are Helpful; Independent and Polite.

  • Strengths

In the same survey carried out, I ask interviewee to organize respectively in increasing order from 1 to 6 different aspects as my strengths. The result is below:

  1. Attitude & Characteristics
  2. Abilities
  3. Skills
  4. Knowledge
  5. Experience
  6. Education
  • Skills

The survey for this section listed out various skills, which is divided into personal skills (computer skills & communication skills); leadership skills (management skills & teamwork skills) and thinking skills.

Result has shown that I have strong abilities in thinking and communication skills. To be specific, the priority is:

  1. Creative Thinking & Critical Thinking
  2. Logical Thinking; Decision Making & Writing
  3. Public speaking + Presenting & Strategic planning
  4. Collaboration; Persuasive & Active listening



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